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Waterfront Properties

Over the years, California has become synonymous with sunny beaches and a cool, relaxed vibe. Malibu and Santa Monica are home to some of the country’s most iconic beaches – as well as a fun beach and surfing scene that has long entered popular consciousness.

It’s no surprise, then, that homes by the water are highly coveted here, whether it’s a luxurious retreat right on the beach in Malibu or a hilltop estate with gorgeous ocean views in Pacific Palisades.

Malibu – or “The ‘Bu” as it’s affectionately called by locals – is best known for its breezy surfer culture and over 27 miles of immaculate coastline.

Malibu Waterfront Neighborhoods

  • Malibu Colony is the quintessential Malibu waterfront community – it’s one of the first neighborhoods to be established in the area, and Hollywood stars like Bette Midler, Tom Hanks, and Woody Harrelson have all taken up residence here.
  • Topanga Beach is a small neighborhood made up of homes that line the beach side of the Pacific Coastal Highway. Living here gives you access to a commercial area, as well as Topanga Beach State and Topanga Creek lagoon.
  • Point Dume has opulent single-family residences in varying architectural styles on the perimeter drives, as well as bluff streets like Cliffside and Birdview. Some of the first ranch-style homes that were constructed in the area still stand.
  • Encinal Bluffs is where you’ll find estate-sized waterfront homes on acreage. The neighborhood is located west of Broad Beach and El Matador Beach.
  • Carbon Beach forms a crescent shape that tapers to shallower lots at the ends, and the best lots tend to be at the center of the crescent. The beach is believed to have the finest quality sand in Malibu and all of California.

Other notable waterfront neighborhoods include:

  • Victoria Point
  • Western Beach
  • Malibu Road
  • Malibu Cove Colony
  • Paradise Cove

Santa Monica
Santa Monica State Beach stretches for over 3.5 miles. The soft sands and clear waters create the perfect backdrop for your beach home.

  • Ocean Avenue is renowned for its luxurious condos. Low-rise buildings with all the fine amenities that make beachside living even more enjoyable can be found here. Its proximity to Santa Monica Pier, one of L.A.’s most popular attractions, gives you access to a wide selection of shops and restaurants.
  • Palisades Beach Road offers some of the country’s most impressive oceanfront estates. Nestled in Santa Monica’s Gold Coast, the homes here can have as many as seven bedrooms, along with multiple decks, gourmet kitchens, and direct beach access.

Things to keep in mind
Before purchasing waterfront property in Southern California, keep the following things in mind:

  • The ocean and a substantial portion of the coastline is public property –The California Coastal Commission (CCC) determines the demarcation between private property and public beachfront. The decision doesn’t depend so much on specific property lines as it does on how high the tide comes in.
  • Beach holidays bring in more people – Even if vacationers keep clear of your beachfront, expect commercial areas like Third Street Promenade to be full of activity.
  • You’ll need permits before making renovations – You have to secure permits from the CCC before making any changes to your property to ensure the preservation of Southern California’s coast.

The pleasures of owning and living in a waterfront home are endless. If you’re ready to live the dream, call me at 310-401-0901 or shoot me an email at james(at)jamesweekley(dotted)com.

Southern California Beachfront Waterfront Homes

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